Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Manifesto Against Manifestos

Writing a Manifesto

The manifesto uses strong, emotive, and accusatory language.
The position must be clearly stated.
The audience must feel compelled to join the position, and to fight for it.
The boundaries must be clearly defined.
Black or White.
Justice or Evil.
Nuance is for the apologetic.
The manifesto must not be apologetic.
The manifesto is urgent.
It is immediate.
Its goals are to be carried out now, in this moment, hurry up!
The manifesto leaves no time for critical analysis. It appropriates theory, it appropriates intellectualism, it presents itself as having done all the work for the reader.
Trust the author of the manifesto. The author has done all necessary thinking.
It is now time to ACT!
The manifesto is romantic. It is idealistic. It promises a new future, a new human being.
We can be this new human being - but only if we work collectively, and follow the instructions
Of the manifesto.
There is no freedom without struggle.
There is no justice without struggle.
We must fight for our liberation! Now!
With Camera and Gun
With Twitter and Facebook
Camera as Twitter as Facebook as Gun
Are you concerned about the intersections of (name all oppressive constructs here)?
Don't worry. We will deal with those later.
After the revolution.
But first, we follow the manifesto.
Evil has been identified. It has been named. It is clearly recognizable.
The manifesto defines it for us.
Or does it?
In May of 2016, as part of a Master Class held in Los Angeles
Haile Gerima told us that all manifestos are fascist.
Haile Gerima
of the LA Rebellion
Who's films have been taken by many
As manifestos
Speaking truth to power.
Since then I have been thinking about all those manifestos that I love so deeply
Thinking with them
Thinking against them
I am reminded of that scene
In The Battle of Algiers 
Standing on a rooftop overlooking the world
Ben M'Hidi tells Ali La Pointe:
It is hard to start a revolution. Even harder to continue it. And hardest of all to win it. But it is only afterwards, when we have won, that all the true difficulties begin. In short, Ali, there is still much to do. 
So I offer you this manifesto
Against manifestos
Because there is still so much to do.

My apologies for the lateness of this post.

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