Monday, September 5, 2016

Facing it Together Poster

Feeling left out during Sex Education? For many sex education is an uncomfortable topic; and as if talking about sex to a teenager is not awkward enough many gays feel that most of the questions one has cannot be address in class. So this leave a big ambiguity, confusion and lack of understating; this is a major problem. My process was to come up with some language that would be a "call to attention". I wanted to give an illustration that talked about the urgency of HIV infections among Latinos in the US. The statistics come from and according the CDC Latino men account for 87% of new HIV infections among Latinos in 2010; most of them identify as men who have sex with other men. The estimated rate of new HIV infections was more than three times that of its non-Latino white counterparts. One of the most important tool Latinos can arm their self with to fight this statistic is knowledge, and that starts with an honest conversation. 

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  1. I think your image does a great job of showing a that HIV isn't a problem that affects everyone in the same way, especially in terms of access to information. I think there's an article on this issue called "Gay Latino Cultural Citizenship: Predicaments of Identity and and Visibility in 1990s San Francisco" by Roque Ramirez (hopefully that info is correct). In that article, I think Ramirez actually briefly talks about some of the images and media that were both productive and counter-productive to resolving this issue. So, your topic and image are definitely useful for thinking about inclusion/exclusion of targets and participants of media/digital activism.