Monday, September 12, 2016

Content vs Quality

Per our conversation in class about forms of production and my comment on the Mexican blogger here is the video- (in Spanish)

Overall translation - Four Main Concerns

    1. Quality over views – one of his videos (Harlem shake) took him 10 minutes to make and a sketch on a social issue took him 60 hours but the former had more views than the latter

    2. Content – we need to think about the content produce since lets remember that the yourtubers of today are the result of yesterdays you tubers

    3. Future – where are we heading if people rather see a Harlem shake over a video with a social message? And what does that mean for youtubers that make a living out of video blogging, what are they going to be force to make? And what about those youtubers who create great content but done have lots of views?

    4. Youtube and its Algorithm- it shows tendencies base on views. He feels youtube is killing itself. He has appear in the front page several times but other youtubers with less views can only dream of such. Before the content was a base on categories. Today the place where we see new videos is – Facebook. 

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