Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 2 Graphic

For my graphic image I wanted to use an updated form of media. While many of the readings mentioned xerox-ed copied flyers (Crimp 346) and the use of the internet to conduct "cyber actions" (Highleyman 113), technology has changed since these events and gifs are becoming more and more common. Visually I was influenced by the images of Reagan:


Trump is an obvious topic to address and given how inflammatory some of the graphics were (like the "Sex is..." flyers), I thought I would go cheesy and provocative. That being said, my gif doesn't really have any new ideas: people have said that Trump is full of shit and the use of the poop emoji represents some generational gaps between the majority of Trump's supporters and those who oppose him; some of his proposed policies (like building a wall on the Mexican border and repealing Obamacare) makes him the devil in some peoples eyes; and many fear that Trump's election would result in a nuclear war.

This was my first time making a gif and I found the experience time-consuming but enlightening.

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